The Cabbaggetown Regent Park Museum, Riverdale Farm location, was host to over 9,000 visitors from February to November 2009 despite being closed for two months due to the strike. Visitors came from as far afield as Russia, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, and China to name a few.
Book Launch, Reviews & Interviews

The launch of Polly of Bridgewater Farm was celebrated with a flurry of festivities and launch parties, both in Toronto and Dromore (Northern Ireland). Author Catharine Fleming McKenty used these opportunities to raise substantial donations for Irish charities, both locally and in Africa. Media interest was sparked over the story's emphasis on ancestry and struggle and the book itself was met with warm reviews.

Review continue to be received by both the author and museum. The former editor of the Tyrone Constitutuion, Norman Armstrong recently wrote: Dear Catharine,

My sincere apologies for the delay in acknowledging receipt of the copy of Polly of Bridgewater Farm. It is indeed an exquisitely produced book containing an absorbing story, and generously illustrated in a most sympathetic way. Your painstaking research has produced a touching and, at times, harrowing history of Tyrone folk which was previously unknown to me, and I thank you very much for expanding my knowledge in that respect. Something to treasure.

Yours sincerely,Norman Armstrong

April 22nd, 2010

You can follow the full range of festivities and media interest below.

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Irish Gala Invitation

In celebration of the authors birthday and book launch

20 September 2009

Book Launch Invitation - Dromore, Norther Ireland

30 November 2009

Book Launch Invitation - Toronto, Ontario

05 December 2009

A Thank You Letter from Collegiate Grammar School, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

18 May 2010

"Voices from the past speak through Polly to narrate the journey of ancestors.

An overview of the book's background; book review.

Senior Times, 20 February 2010

Polly of Bridgewater Farm an 'ageless story of famine amidst plenty'

Book review.

Tyrone Constitution, 13 May, 2010

"Voices from the past."

Interview with the author.

Ulster Herald, 13 May 2010.

Great Aunt 'Polly' raises almost 6,000 for local charities.

An article on the festivities during European book launch in Dromore.

Tyrone Constitution, 03 December 2010.

Catherine Fleming McKenty's generosity has been far reaching. She has received many letters from libraries in Northern Ireland thanking her for donations of her well-recieved novel. Thank you letter. Central Library, Belfast.

Thank you letter from Linden Hall Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Thank you letter.

Thank you letter to Mr. Furston from the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.

E-mail Correspondence from Brian Lambkin, Director of Centre for Migration.


Article from The Northern Standard, 2010

Catherine's favourite 'Thank You' Letter.

We need more books like this that speak of hope in the midst of adversity. Nigel Frith, Principal Omagh Integrated College, Omagh, Northern Ireland

I loved the book. It made me feel part of this family. Evelyn West, Past President, Clogher Historical Society, Monahan, rep. of Ireland

Polly is unforgettable. Marie Foley Director (ret) Neilsen Gallery, Boston, Mass.

I’ve never seen a book like it. Mickey McGuinness, Co-ordinator of the Community, History, and Heritage Project, Derry, Northern Ireland

I think your book is cool. Ciaran Mallon age seven (2009), Dromore, Northern Ireland

Catharine McKenty’s combination of meticulous research, imaginative engagement with her subject, and flair for narrative has resulted in a story that captures two historical worlds, Ireland and Canada in the ninetenth-century. Brian Lambkin Director, Centre for Migration Studies, Ulster American Folk Park Castleton, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

What a splendid book ... what a delightful story. The bibliography and illustrations give it the right air of authenticity. The book is very educational — all those who read it will hardly notice they are being taught ... the author is a superb storyteller! I could feel the slushy peat field ... I could smell the rain coming. Marianna O’Gallagher, Authority on Grosse Île and its preservation as an Irish monument Quebec City, Canada

Definitely a book for our times, for all age groups. There are hints of the innocence of Anne of Green Gables in this poignant story. A wonderful, gentle book about a painful time in Irish history. An ageless story of famine amidst plenty, but without bitterness or prejudice. The publication is also extraordinary in its paper quality, archival photos, illustrations and binding. It would make a great addition to the libraries of schools in Ireland. Barbara Canella (nee Ennis) Tyrone Constitution