Museum Forms
The following forms are used in the museum's day to day activities. Many have been included in both PDF and Word Doc form to allow you to fill in the forms on your computer or print them off. If the forms are being sent to the museum, please save the file as PDF to ensure no changes can be made to your submission!


If your donation has already been accepted into the museum please fill out our Deed of Gift form and tell us any interesting stories that accompany the object(s).

Deed of Gift and Donor Questionnaire.

If you would like to donate an item, please print off or fill out the following form:

Temporary Custody Receipt.

The Deed of Gift is used to officially pass ownership from the donor to the museum:

Deed of Gift.

A Condition Report is filled out by the Curator, Director or Collections Manager when an object is physically accepted into the Permanent Collection.

Condition Report.


Incoming Loans.

Outgoing Loans.

Shorter Condition Reports are used for loans. Several copies travel with the loan so that any damage may be traced back to the source.

Travelling Condition Report.

Borrowing Forms are used in cases when multiple objects are stored in one box, they let us know which items have been removed, by whom and why.

Borrowing Form.

Other Resources

Current volunteers and incoming staff may find our Procedural Manual helpful. This is updated regularly.

Procedural Manual.