The Cabbaggetown Regent Park Museum, Riverdale Farm location, was host to over 9,000 visitors from February to November 2009 despite being closed for two months due to the strike. Visitors came from as far afield as Russia, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, and China to name a few.
Catherine McKenty

Catharine McKenty was born on September 20, 1930 and grew up on her grandparent’s farm in the Donlands. She attended Bishop Strachan School where she won academic scholarships in both French and German. For her post secondary education, Catharine chose Victoria College at the University of Toronto where she majored in English.

After University Catharine had several occupations including volunteering her time to aid with German reconstruction post-war, Research Editor for Pace magazine, and a speechwriter for the Ontario Minister of Education. Now living in Montreal with her husband Neil McKenty, she recently authored a novel “Polly of Bridgewater Farm: an Untold Irish Story,” which was released to correspond with her 79th birthday.

Catharine at age 10