The Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum is proud to announce it has won a 2009 Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant (OTF).

The Cabbagetown/Regent Park Museum has received many archival photographs, papers and artefacts from residents and former residents of the Cabbagetown/Regent Park area.

Have you been wondering what to do with those boxes of your grandparents' photos, cluttered attics and basements where artefacts haven't seen the light of day in years? They would be welcomed, digitized, preserved and displayed at the Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum. Please contact us at 416-816-4994 or if you have something to donate.

Donation Forms

Our collection is quite substantial, and thanks to many dedicated residents, growing fast! To help us better document donations, we ask that the following form be filled out and brought with the object(s) you wish to donate.

Temporary Custody Receipt

Deed of Gift

Subscripton Form- Friend of the Museum Membership

Thank you to our many donors! Our dream is expanding rapidly into reality. We gratefully acknowledge the following for their generous loans & donations:

Artist Bill Stapleton donated a great many of his paintings, sketches and sketchbooks relating to Cabbagetown, ArtHeart, Regent Park and the Winchester Hotel.

Kathleen Horiszny lent a variety of memorabilia relating to her father's shoe business located at Gerrard and Parliament (North West corner), including photos and shoemaking objects.

Maureen Penno is an endless resource of local history. Her toys are on loan at 51 Division and she has donated numerous items of historical interest.

Connie Fenton's family grew up on 222 River Street. She has given us a glimpse into the lives of her grandfather and uncle who were killed in World War I and World War II respectively and the effect of the war years on the community.

Ellen Hughes lent us many photographs of her historic family home at 254 Carlton Street, as well as numerous early mechanical toys.

Professor Robert McCauley gave a number of papers relating to the history of Winchester Public School.

Sophie Stransman's book "Mama and her Mitzvahs" gives an informative and visual portrait of a family corner store and a tight community during the Depression. Copies can be bought through the CRP Museum.

The family of the late Fran Chadwick bequeathed numerous papers and meeting notes from the Ward Two Residents' Association in the 1960s.

Catherine Fleming McKenty, granddaughter of Toronto City Mayor (1896-1897) and owner of the Toronto Railway Company (TRC) has loaned a fascinating variety of material pertaining to his life and work. Her "Aunt Polly" is featured in Cabbagetown Store by J.V. McAree.

Also gratefully received were the James J. Ealey papers 1941-1987 from John "Corky" Miller; numerous artefacts courtesy of Gwen Adams and Carol Moore-Ede; a collection of early photographs from Julie Stone; over 150 artefacts from Regent Park - the Christian Resource Centre (CRC), TCHC (Toronto Community Housing Corporation) and REC Demolition; a 3-D model from Rollo Myers; two apple dolls from Peggy Kurtin; and items from John Stoklos, Tom Crewe and many others.